On Sunday, July 7, at 1:00 PM (not this Sunday, June 30), as part of our regular first-Sunday-of the-month “Biblical Faith 101” program, we will have the concluding session on “The Clobber Passages,” as they are commonly known. These are the few verses that are used to condemn those with innate same-sex attraction.

In June, we covered the Old Testament passages, and in July, we will cover the New Testament passages.

One might think that this subject is “old hat” and that we’ve moved beyond the issue. But unfortunately, many still struggle with it, and there are still many ignorant teachers out there who bring oppression on those who are struggling. These teachers continue to draw more people away from the Lord than drawing people to Him.

(And unfortunately, many of the teachers who do affirm those with innate same-sex attraction are not Biblically sound in their teaching and preaching of the pure Gospel of Jesus Christ. They, too, are spiritually dangerous, albeit in a different way.)

Even if this issue has been resolved in your mind, please join us so that you can refresh your knowledge in order to help others. After all, isn’t that our purpose in life – to use our knowledge to help others know Jesus and His love for all people?

We look forward to seeing you there! SUNDAY, JULY 7, 2024, at 1:00 PM. (And at the 11:00 AM worship service too!)

With love for your soul,
Pastor Mark

All who come in peace are welcomed to join us for any special events scheduled!
Your presence is our blessing!